Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Save Tookie

I'm against the death penalty in general. And I don't know whether or not Stanley Tookie Williams killed the people he's sentenced to death row or not. And while he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he has also been responsible for the deaths of many young men, not all black men either. (My cousins, Chicanos, some of the kids in my neighborhood, Native and Mexicano, are and have been Crips.)

While I do understand the notion of victim's rights - I have family murdered in violent crime - the notion of killing to prove killing is wrong sounds plain dumb. Tookie is scheduled to die in a week. I'm posting some info so you can decide whether or not write to the Governator on behalf of Tookie.

Tookie helps with Gang Truce
Save Tookie
Democracy Now! Interview with Tookie
Bush's Tookie

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