Friday, December 23, 2005

Gathering Support for 06

While 60% of the people who had accountability were able to maintain weight loss for 4 years, less than 2% of the group who did a self-motivated program was able to maintain their weight loss. I guess this shows that we all need a 'coach' of sorts.

From Weight Loss - America's Constant Battle

So, if you want to post a comment daily or weekly, or want me to post encouragement or check in with you in some way for next year let's do it. This blog makes me accountable because people that I know and see read this and check in on how I'm doing.

I'm also wondering how this works for music, maybe that's why people with music teachers do better overall than those who don't. Sure there's Hendrix and Stevie Ray, but they seem to be more of an anomaly than the norm. Jazz musicians, and it looks like Mariachi musicians have high expectations of each other and of course get together and work on stuff. So this blog is now my workout accountability physically and musically!

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