Friday, December 23, 2005


Hey There!

Did some cardio and abs yesterday. I keep getting sick and then feeling better. Its crappy!

Anyway, I'll keep plugging along. Maybe I'll still do my leg routine today and if I feel good enough go jogging tomorrow.

* * *
Didn't do a whole bunch of music stuff last night. I did some review. My son was working on a song "Jesu, Joy of Man" on the piano. And my daughter was singing in her room. That's nice.

I'm still trying to figure out a general plan. My kids are into doing stuff at night during the school year, but on vacations want to be left alone for the most part. So I'll have to try and get in what I can for the rest of the school year and just deal with the sporadic nature of summer. But having pretty much daily time with them at music will probably move them along. I'll work with them matching pitches with their voice for January. I notice that my daughter has a good strong voice, but sometimes has a hard time staying in key. My son just isn't motivated to sing, but matching pitches with his voice is still a good skill.

OK, this has turned from a health blog to a music blog. At least for me that's still part of health.

And I plan to be pretty damn good by the time I'm 45. (Not that I'm not good now, just better.) My goals for next year are to quit beating myself up about music, and to get noticeably better as a musician and vocalist.

* * *
Had a good call from friend I don't talk to enough. It was really good. I'm not good at the ongoing friendship thing. I grew up walking to my friends' houses as a kid so the whole driving around thing to visit people is still awkward, even at my age.

I'LL BE OUT OF TOWN NEXT WEEK - will post again next Friday. Off to meet the Mother-In-Law...


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