Thursday, December 22, 2005


Good bench workout last night. Didn't workout this morning. Will workout after work.

My wife was going through old pictures last night and found a couple of me at a pool party. I'm fatter now, but also more muscular. Guess its just where I'm at.

* * *
Did a little sightreading last night. Did some ear training. What I'm doing is the oldschool thing. I'm listening to parts I want to learn and going over them until I can sing the parts. This would be easier if the guys I want to play like didn't use so many grace notes and 32nd notes! This is good, because that's something I can do a little of in between things at work and not have to completely stop doing anything. I can also do it in the car.

Worked on the keyboard some with my daughter. My son was tired and I didn't bother him, he went to bed early.

Oh, yes, that's freakin' Tony Robbins - motivational dude - in the picture below. Tripped me out. I sent the company an email congratulating him for being there. He was a speaker at the services.


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