Tuesday, December 20, 2005



My work connection seems to be down. So I'll be behind and I'll be meeting my mother-in-law next week. My wife hasn't seen her since she was 5!

* * *
Got to workout Friday and yesterday. My calves were sore. Did back, biceps and forearms yesterday. No deadlifts. Still have a tingle in my shoulder. Did some cardio and abs this morning. I figure that better than waiting until I get to go running. I'll have one week with no working out and I'll do arms and legs when I get back.

* * *
Because of all the holiday activity the music has slowed with the kids. They performed on Friday and did a great job.

I'll get some stuff in this week and then we'll get back on it after new years. I think the new habit thing is a little tough on them, but I think keeping on it will be useful. A year or two of almost daily lessons should get them far.

I got to practice last night. I was feeling like I had neglected my own practice. But I was working on "pasaditas" and then transposing to different keys. Then for the heck of it I tried a song that I really like called "El Palomito" and I've never quite gotten the fills before but I got some of it with minimal effort. It was exciting. So all of the ear training, scales, chords, and chord/scale stuff seems to be helping.


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