Friday, December 16, 2005


Still sore from Wednesday's workout. Today is leg day. And hopefully I'll get some running in over the weekend. I'm gonna add abs work on Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks.

* * *
Did some work with the kids yesterday and it went well. My son really doesn't want to sing. So I'll only give him enough to carry a tune and pick out parts. After our work last night, I told him good job. His response was, "thanks for the lesson dad." It was nice. He's using the blues scale, but I'm helping him move around the neck. I could tell he was getting into it. He's working on the major scale in two positions now. I showed him how he could blend the two positions.

My daughter was tired, but she did good. She's also working on the blues scale in A. I'll add E next week. She's also working on re-learning her major scales. She's working on C, G, D and A right now. I'll add E major next week too.

They'll both be working on a little ear training next week. Then after xmas break, I'll start working with them on chord changes in different keys. I'm excited. It sucks that I feel tired after work, but I'll just have to figure out how to get over it.

* * *
Open Letter To Tookie

Tookie's Ashes to be Spread over South Africa

The Governator's Home Town Upset with His Murder of Tookie

Great article on the BS that Conservatives consider Clemency and Redemption

"If we use the definition Schwarzenegger's base, we can now assume that since there has never been an apology for slavery, or segregation, that America has not been redeemed for its sins of the past, and the thousands of murders-lives lost-from conflict of this nation's race caste. Should America pay with its life, or even pay-period? The death of Stanley "Tookie" Williams just redefined the discussion on how can America ever redeem itself on the question of slave reparations. A giant leap??? I don't think so. Redemption is redemption, and we'll just use the definition that Arnold's base threw up in our face to kill (another) innocent man. Just as America made Tookie Williams pay, let's call for America to redeem itself, and pay up, right now. Let's start with an apology. Without an apology, there can be no redemption, right?? We'll see now."


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