Thursday, December 15, 2005

12/15/05 Orale!

Had an awesome chest workout yesterday! I'm sore already.

I still have this little thing on my left shoulder. Feels like a little pull, but nothing major. I'm trying to keep it from getting worse. It seems like deadlifting irritates it the most, so I may switch to Good Mornings for lower back and then see if that helps.

Friday is leg day. And possible some jogging this weekend. If not I'll have to find some indoor aerobics to do. Since I haven't had lots of time with the wife between strep, colds, travel, coughing, etc... Maybe I'll be smiling a lot. That's gotta count for some calories!!!

* * * *
Kids had a recital last night for their piano class. They all kicked butt! Especially since they were signed up for beginners class and were the only three from the beginners class at the recital. They tore it up. They all did different Minuets by Bach. It was nice. My neighbor was also performing. I offered her use of our keyboard if she ever wanted to practice.

The school choir also performed. My nephew and daughter were very impressed and thinking of joining. My son refuses. He doesn't want to try the jazz band either. So, I get to get better at the guitar to keep up with being able to teach him.

My daughter and I drove to get a present for my son. During that time she talked to me about liking to play the accordion more than the keyboard. I told her cool we'll work on that. She wants to learn how to put in pasaditas without having to have the whole song memorized. Basically how to improv Chicano style.

I let her know that I think I'll still teach her enough keyboard to be able to get jobs, but that we'd work more on the stuff she wants to do. She wondered about getting a button accordion. I guess I will before she's outta high school.

Tonight we'll be back on scales and rhythm work. Next week I'll have them matching pitches with their voice and sharpening their ears.


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