Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12/13/05 Tookie Executed

I have lots of feelings about this. The death penalty and other things aside. Crips were just a part of life growing up. Often sad and unfortunate but still a part of life. The idea that Tookie would admit and ask forgiveness for crimes he claimed not to have committed seems absurd. Maybe he did them, then he had the chance to apologize. But if not, why would he claim responsibility for them. That people aren't talking about the reality that people ARE wrongly convicted shows where society chooses its blind spots. Now its hard to think that this guy didn't kill somebody in his lifetime. And it is very conceivable that he ordered the death of people and is in many ways responsible for deaths. But he is also responsible for gang truces which save lives. He is a representation of the harm and good all of us do. And in thinking that there was no possible redemption means that the Governator is not redeemed for being the boob grabber, that Bush and Cheney are still combat avoiders while they send others to their deaths, that you and I are still guilty for everything we've done. Because unlike the Governator's logic, saying "sorry" isn't always redeeming.

Here's some articles.
Europeans outraged at Schwarzenegger

Poll: Did Arnold do the Right Thing?

Why Arnold Killed Tookie
Williams' Attorney John Harris challenged the governor to meet with Tookie, saying to the San Francisco Chronicle, "It's impossible to me to believe that if you had met Stanley Williams and spent time with him, that you would not believe in his personal redemption." But that would require a courage the Governor has never demonstrated.

Unlike the movie tough guy always ready to look his victims in the eye -- a quip at the ready -- before shooting, stabbing, or beheading them, Arnold made his decision at safe remove, hanging out this weekend at his son's soccer game, his face a waxy mask of carefree detachment, while Tookie's supporters organized, marched, chanted and prayed themselves hoarse.

Bay Area Indy Media Coverage

Rally At San Quentin

Eyewitness Account of the Execution

Tookie's Long Goodbye

Google Image Search for "Tookie Williams" there's a lot of Jamie Foxx pictures but some of the real Tookie.


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