Monday, December 12, 2005


Hey, for those Catholics and Chicanas and Chicanos - today is Virgen de Guadalupe day. On Saturday we went on a procession through a neighborhood in Albuquerque dedicated to her. I'm not much on the practicing Catholicism stuff, but try to be supportive to my family on this. It was nice except for the cold and my continued coughing.

I still haven't worked out, but will try tonight after work.

The boy got popped on Friday for possession so I'm sure that's not helping me feel better. He has school problems, luckily it wasn't city police. We'll have to go to a hearing in January.

I'm planning to spend about 15 minutes with each kid on their music stuff as often as I can - as close to daily as I can get. I'm hoping that they'll get as good as I am now by the time they leave the house. It feels like what I can best provide for them. I was in a meeting with my daughter for school on Friday also, and she stated that she'd like to be a musician or photographer. I asked her later if she says that because I'm there. She said, "no, it's because that's all I can picture myself doing." Wish I could afford private lessons for them, but I'll have to just kick it up another level. Wish me luck!


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