Thursday, December 01, 2005

12/01/05 Rosa Parks Day

Many people are celebrating today as Rosa Parks Day.

Did my workout last night. A good workout too! But I had to cut it into two parts. Don't know if the afterwork thing will work all of the time. A big part of that was the kids needing to go places at specific times, getting off of work late and my wife having strep throat.

Anyway after the chest part of the workout and dropping the kids off I went to talk with this woman. She was sitting at her computer and looked up and she said "wow" look at that chest! She said something like "I look up and there's these things in my face." Since she's well endowed with a chest, it was very flattering. Never thought I'd have the experience of having someone stare at my chest while I try to talk to them. Sure it would be irritating on a life-long basis, but for the short term it was very cool. Made my evening. And made the second half of my workout very good as I gave it a little extra. My triceps were wasted from the chest workout, even with the rest in between.

* * *
Things are OK overall. Everyone has a cold or strep throat or something. We finally got confirmed for playing at the Sandia Casino Resort on the 16th in the afternoon to close a youth conference. More on that as I get info.

As for how I'm feeling today, see above!


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