Monday, November 07, 2005

Seguro Que Hell Yes!

Lots of good stuff to report. Start with workout stuff and go to personal - the usual M.O.

Legs were stiff all weekend. They didn't hurt much. But if I sat for a long time and got up it was hard to walk. Nothing too bad, but something to observe as I plan to keep slowly increasing my squat poundage.

Deadlifted 210 today. 3 sets of 4. I think I'll go down to 170ish and do sets of 8 and increase that weight until I can do 210 for 8. Then I'll start pushing again at higher weight for sets of 5. I'm using my standard weights right now. But once I push past 210, I'll probably go to using the olympic weights. My leg and arm workout for today went good. Did 55 for sets of 12 and 8 on extensions and curls. Did 50 for sets of 10 on arms. Will go down and start coming back up on legs, probably to 45, then 50 and 55. Arms will continue to go up 5 pounds each workout until I get to a weight where I'm only lifting for 8. Then I'll go up 2.5 or 5 depending on how it feels.

I got up to 170 on the bench for 2. So I went back down 115, then 135. I'll probably go 140 and stay there if I can't do sets of 8.

My weight is staying at 169-173. I'm gonna try to be please and on the 22nd I'll find out if any of that is muscle increase and fat decrease.

* * *
Personally I'm on a natural high for today. These are the things I'm focusing on from recent to past.

The Dia de Los Muertos event yesterday rocked! I think we had 1500-2000 people turn out. For Albuquerque, that's a HUGE event. I am in charge of the entertainment at the event and we changed some things that need tweaking. But overall it was freakin awesome! We had Danzantes outside. There were two samba drumming groups outside that were polite enough to take turns and stay far enough away from the danzantes not to drown them out.

Indoors we had an elementary school mariachi group then two chingon Chicano blues/rock bands. There's some fine tuning to the changes we made, but overall I'm happy with my work. Someone was sending reporters to me saying I was a key organizer. I never thought of myself that way, but I realized duh, the entertainment is a big deal!!!

I'm already planning ideas for next year! Hope to see some of you there.

I'm still feeling good about average guy stuff. Robert sent me this link for powerlifting.

The music stuff is going well. The kids are still happy about being called bad ass and I'm hoping to keep things going there. We may go jam with the blues guys after new years. That would be cool for them.

I'm still keeping the support of a co-worker saying I look "good." And another co-worker being proud of my 170 bench.

Well, that's all for now!


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