Thursday, November 03, 2005

The "Average" Guy

I had told a female co-worker that I benched 170 the other day. She was telling me how impressive that was and in my usual internal talk I was thinking, "yeah right, it's no big deal."

Darn that little voice.

Anyway today at a staff meeting we were doing appreciations of each other and I appreciated her for talking with me about workout stuff and mentioning that my clothes fit better. She then asked me to announce how much I was benching. Everyone, even the guys seemed impressed, so I thought I'd look up what the "average" guy lifts.

Average Guy stats:

The average guy is 175 pounds and 5'9". Well, at least I'm close to average on weight, just 7" shorter! So maybe 157.5 would be my "average." If I can muscle up, that weight wouldn't be too bad.

So here's the scoop - (this is for one repetition)
The average 20-29 year old benches 180 pounds
The average 30-39 year old benches 158 pounds
The average 40-49 year old benches 143 pounds
The average 50-59 year old benches 128 pounds
The average 60-69 year old benches 116 pounds

For average, I should be able to do 27 push-ups, 36 sit-ups in good form within 1 minute. And run a mile and a half in 12:51. I don't know if I'm there yet. I may measure soon. But I'm happy to be benching above average. And I'm happy that I'll be benching at least 180 by the end of the year!!!

If you take these by 90% (my difference in height from the average guy) then I'm doing really good! 142 would be my max if you calculated straight across. But I think there is a more scientific scale they use in powerlifting for this.

OK, I'm gonna finish learning what's average.

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