Tuesday, November 08, 2005

11/8/05 Cardio Day

OK, did cardio for 30 minutes. 2 minutes of walking/jogging in place alternated with sets of jumping jacks. Started with 60, then went up 75, 90, 105, and 2 sets of 120, then dropped to 60, and two sets of 30. Got a sweat going. Not bad, but will keep going at this for a little while.

Minimal soreness in my middle back from the deads yesterday. Nothing too bad.

* * *
Personal stuff - everything's pretty good. I finished my antibiotics for the tooth infection. Noticing that my scratchy throat is coming back. I will have to go to the doc soon if this keeps up. I'm going to schedule a check-up. Hopefully I can get an appointment before the 23rd to keep it lined up with the bodyfat check.

Still working on my sightsinging and some blues piano stuff. The scratchy throat is making it hard. No pain, just irritation. Maybe I just need to increase my C intake.


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