Friday, November 04, 2005

11/4/05 Hell Yeah!

Had a good squat workout. Realizing that I'm lifting at average or better than guys my age gave me good motivation. The little voice in my head constantly tells me that if I do something it can't be all that. And of course the droning not being good, or good enough thing playing in the background all of the freakin time.

Today I didn't feel bad at all about any of my lifts. I'm sticking with increasing my 3 basic lifts - deadlift, bench and squat. I'll work on the rest, but I know you can only push in so many directions at one time.

I'm not losing weight, but my pants still fit alright so that's good. I will be adding some intensity to my cardio and cut soda from my diet. As for my lifts, I'll keep going up slow but steady on the basic lifts and go up depending on how I'm feeling on the lighter and support lifts.

The ultimate goals I had for these lifts were/are bench 225, squat and dead 320. But as I learn about my body and its potential all of this may change. As a 5'2" guy who should weigh around 155 instead of 170, I'll see. I haven't seen any charts for lifters my size so I'll just keep guessing.

* * *
This all is going well along with the idea that this guy who is an awesome guitarist complimenting my kids group. I try to keep in mind that a friend of mine also told me that I am the best accordionist he's played with.

I guess I'll be holding these things up to myself and hope that they eventually drown out the crappy background message. Maybe I'll even think I'm good at my day job too! I've been told I'm a great meeting facilitator, so I need to just run with that.

A few people tell me I'm too hard on myself and I always tell others not to be hard on themselves. It's time for me to work at walking the walk.


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