Tuesday, November 29, 2005

11/29/05 Catching Up

Gonna go running after work today. Hopefully its not as cold as the morning.

Not really sore from yesterday's workout. That's OK. Not weighing in at the moment.

* * *
Having time off always reminds me that although what I do at work is important, it isn't always as fulfilling to me personally as playing and writing music.

Also, I'm gonna have to get smart and disciplined around the money stuff. Also getting more gigs will help.

I'm just basking in the enjoyment I get out of the music for now. I'm kinda psyched that the kids are willing to do some basic jazz stuff. I think reading music, writing out solos, and performing stuff in this way will give a big increase to the other stuff that they want to do. They want to start performing originals so that will hopefully come out of the jazz and blues work - even though that may not be the styles they end up sticking with.


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