Monday, November 21, 2005

11/21/05 Cyco Workout 1

OK, I'm home and I've given myself three options - workout, clean, practice music. Of course sleeping and stuff like that is in there too!

I figured since I don't have anywhere particular to go, I could workout like crazy. So I did. I hobbled over to the computer after finishing my workout and started on a can of tuna. Here's my workout for today. All in pounds.

Deadlift 130x12; 170x10; 200x8; 220x4/4
EZ Bar Curl 50x8/8
Tricep Extension 50x10/10, my forearms still get this weird pain so I backed off.
Concentration Curl 10x30; 15x20
Dumbbell Extension 10x30; 15x20
Leg Curl 45x15; 50x12; 55x10; 65x6; 60x8; 45x10
Leg Extension 50x30; 50x25; 60x20; 65x20; 60x25

Tomorrow is bodyfat check in! Wish me luck and the ability to walk there!

I wanted to slam my arms, but because of this pain in my forearms I had to back off. Figured it was OK to hit legs today because Weds is bench day anyway. On Friday I hope I can do more on arms and give them a good working over. Then I'll be back to sane workouts next week!


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