Friday, November 18, 2005

11/18/05 Squat Day!

Wooo Freakin Hoooooo! Squatted 175 for 6 reps. I'll stick to this weight until I can get three sets of 8, then I'll start going up again.

My back/shoulder workout went well also. I'm noticing that I'm developing "traps" and then my wife also commented on that this morning. Nice. I'm not doing anything specifically for traps, but it's a side effect of the other exercises I do.

I did end up doing 20 minutes of cardio at lunch yesterday.

I took next week off of work, but I'll still be working out, and trying to update the blog.

* * *
Personally things are going great overall. Went last night to see an elder Chicano poet named Raul Salinas. Also performing was a local group of young guys called Con Razon. The bass player is 17, the drummer looked younger, and the guitar player/singer was the older brother of the drummer. Looked like early 20s to me. They were good. It was nice. I also dropped the idea to the organizers that my kids are playing music as well. This will be a series on the Chicano Movement so hopefully we can get a gig or two out of it.

Working on writing, ear-training, sight singing and such. I do pretty well playing by ear, but I want to understand deeper what I'm hearing. I also want to be able to transcribe. Since people are asking me for lessons I'd like to have stuff written out for them and I haven't found the music I play written out. There's one book that goes to a CD of classic Tejano stuff, but the transcription sucks in my opinion. I'm thinking that when I get good enough at this, I'll correct and improve the transcription and send it to the publishers and offer to finish the rest of the book.

Kids have a performance tomorrow night with their voice class and on Sunday there is a March to Give Homage to the Petroglyphs.

Angus Young top short guy! He's the same height as me.

INS Raid of Wal-Mart construction site. Amazing how the people interviewed don't blame the contractors, but blame the workers. All while they talk about unions - so much for working-class solidarity.

One Third of Cancer Deaths Avoidable. I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on this article. I'm kinda mixed on it.


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