Thursday, November 17, 2005

11/17/05 Money Stress

OK, things are tighter than I thought. I've been in charge of the money for a couple of years and let my wife take charge this summer. Now we usually get in the hole over the summer because she isn't working and getting a partial check. But usually by now we're caught up and going.

This summer we had voice lessons, modeling pictures and stuff like that. So I guess I'll hope that the settlement from my grandmother's house will help. I'll get my tooth done at least and hopefully pay off the van.

Otherwise its just extra stress. Maybe this is the connection to cortisol and why poor, working-class and some middle-class become obese more as groups.

I stayed up until close to midnight last night watching a dress rehearsal for my kids' voice class and then helping with homework. I did get to outline a song done though. And I started to read up on my music theory around jazz harmonization.

I didn't workout this morning but plan to do some cardio at lunch.


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