Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Good bench workout today. Was doing 155 for sets of 5. Got my arm curls and extensions up to 70 pounds.

Leg extensions and curls went well. What I'm doing now is to add weight on the extensions and then take it off for the curls. I was doing the same weight before.

* * *
Did some transcribing of "pasaditas"* from Esteban Jordan and realized that they are getting easier for me. The ear training and studying has helped. I also see how "Steve" really does thing with minor changes but makes a big difference in sound.

He studied Jazz for awhile and brought some of that in. So I'm gonna take what I'm working on and start practicing in C, G and F, then A and E. Those are the keys most people play in. I'll eventually get to D, B, Bb, Eb, and Ab. There are very few Chicano songs in Db and F# but I'll get to those eventually.

I figure within a year I'll be writing my own tweaks on Esteban an other pasaditas.

Everything is going pretty well at home. I'm taking three days off next week to have the whole week off. I hope to get some cleaning and organizing done!

*Pasaditas, aka Adornos, in English this would called ornamentation or "licks."

A good cartoon from Boondocks.


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