Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Did a light cardio workout today. My knee has been achy lately. Doesn't seem to correspond to working it out hard, maybe just an old injury that acts up with the cold Albuquerque winds.

I'm on the run all day today. My daughter is home sick. That combination sucks. My son was home yesterday and I was running around then too.

* * *
Work seems to boil down somedays to this rhetoric about "victimization" and a weird attempt to be in control of everything - under the rhetoric of "leadership." Seems kinda co-dependent to me, but doesn't seem like that's a good conversation to have at work. I'll see about lasting it out another year just 'cause I gotta pay bills.

Things seem to be going good with the kids and school. Personally things are not bad right now, and I'll try to bask in that as much as I can.

Oh, and someone's looking into the cancer preventing properties of beer! It's about time!


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