Tuesday, November 01, 2005


21 Days until my next bodyfat check. Goal is to have my "fat" weight go from 40.8 to the neighborhood of 36 pounds of fat. Since I don't have a way to check until then, I'm just gonna have to watch my diet and keep up my workouts.

Woke up today coughing and tired so I'll have to walk at lunch and/or dinner.

According to Muscle and Fitness magazine - "drinking large amounts of beverages sweetened with fructose adds bodyfat - even when you consume fewer calories overall." Guess that makes the eliminating sodas a non-debatable issue for the next 3 weeks at least.

They also said that for burning calories taking rests of less than one minute between sets is more important than doing high repetitions. So I may try that too, lifting about 4-8 reps instead of 8-12 but going at it with shorter rests. I'm also going to up my creatine from 3mg to 5 or 6mg. Trying to keep what muscle I have while continuing to burn off the gut.


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