Thursday, November 10, 2005


Had a nice lite cardio workout this morning.

* * *
Things are going well. Still thinking about the possibility of a 75k/year job that I passed up (before I knew how much more it was gonna pay!). It would be good for bills, but I don't know if it would have been good for the rest of me.

I'm going to start working on writing some blues instrumentals. We have rehearsal this weekend and I'm still waiting for a call back on a job at a casino resort for a conference. That would be really nice, but I'm getting concerned because we haven't heard. Of course this woman called a month ago and said she'd call me next Monday, and it took like 3 weeks to get it together.

Anyway, I also heard a "rock and rythm" band from a middle-school on the radio today. They were pretty good. Motivated me to keep pushing the kids to get together what they say they want - a really good band. I think its gonna be up to me to keep the inspiration up during these weird high school years. Like I've said before, even if they don't totally get into it, I want them to have the basics nailed enough that if they decide to go for it later they won't have to struggle with fundamentals.


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