Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Had a nice Bench Press workout today. I didn't want to get out of bed at all. On the way to the bathroom, I was thinking, "it's time to give this crap up." The garage was cold as hell too. But once I got going I was doing better. I took off the extra pins in the rack. I'll just have to lift light enough that I'm not too worried about it, or use the pins when I want to go heavy. For now, I'll keep it at moderate - anything I can lift at least 4 times.

My elbows/forearms are still not ready to do heavy curls but I can increase weight a little bit. I'm gonna have to really work it to make sure I get some fat off for the 22nd bodyfat check. Giving up sodas should help.

* * *
Personal life? Everything's pretty stable this week. Looks like one group will have a gig for New Year's Eve. My kids' group may play at the Sandia Resort in December. That will be cool, and its a paid gig. They're happy about it. Gigs is what keeps them psyched.

I've been working on my sightsinging and eartraining. The eartraining book I ordered came in. It's good, but of course, I'll have to figure out how to do the exercises for myself. Luckily I think I can use the computer to do the transcription exercises. I'll also be able to use it with the kids.

I've been working with them on recognizing the 1 beat, and chord changes for a 12 bar blues progression. Also some basics of soloing over a blues progression. This week I'm gonna add note recognition. I'll hit a note on the keyboard and have them try to match it. My hunch is that they don't hear everything that's going on. I don't either, but I have more years in my belt to get through stuff easier than they do. I would have done a degree in music if I could have passed eartraining class. Funny because I play by ear.

Come to think of it I would have been a physicist if I could pass calculus. But I could ace my physics classes, go figure!


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