Friday, September 16, 2005

Mexican Independence Day 05

Now, I'm not very much into States, but I think the effort that went into pushing Spain out as rulers was a good one. Now, there's still the issue of Spanish descendants still being in charge of an overwhelmingly indigenous Mexico - but that's another story. (By the way, the CIA factbook on Mexico defines it as 80% indigenous - different than what the "mestizaje" mentality allows.)

I took new pictures today using a borrowed camera. Not bad. Also weighed in at 172.8 today! 170.8 without shoes. Maybe I am at 169.somethin' already. This is good for keeping me on my CHALLENGE. Marcie has been reporting via email, but haven't heard from Smacking nor Sparky lately. Hope they are keeping up. ARE YOU?

Did my squat workout today. Squats I got three sets of 5 at 165 lbs. After a set of 12 at 115, and a set of 10 at 155. I have a cold so I didn't try to go past 5 with the top weight. I have to do a training from 8-2 tomorrow and I need to be in some semblance of health.

Did leg extensions and curls. Then calf raises and wrist curls/reverse wrist curls.

* * *
The band is going well. Have rehearsal with the kiddos today and Sunday. Gonna go get our monitors from the store today. That will help with sound.

Went to a Dia de Los Muertos meeting last night. It went well. I realized that I post here as an activist, but I don't post much on that activity. I'll do a little bit more of that in the future.

Gonna take the kids to an all ages show tonight for awhile and then let them go to the fair.


Thanks Renee and others for the inspiration to actually post these scary pictures!!!

The progression is Febuary, March, June, and September of 2005.

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