Friday, September 23, 2005

Light Squat Day

My knee is still a little hurting, and I don't know from what. So instead of going heavy I did a lighter workout. Felt good for awhile. Is a little tender again.

Overall, I think the key for me is to keep going slow and steady. Going for a pound every week or two will keep me on track. It seems like my body is changing slowly, sometimes FEELS hella slow, but people who don't see me everyday seem to think its going in the right direction. That's always good.

Cutting the beer out may also be good. Probably the sodas too now!!

I'm off today, and should be nice and rested tomorrow to go running in the morning! Marcie is sending me regular emails on her workouts at Curves, haven't heard from Sparky or Smacking.

* * *
Man, screwed up. Forgot to give one of the bands for a fundraiser tomorrow flyers!!!!

I'll try to make up today, but I think they're pissed at me. Don't blame 'em, I'm just stretched too thin.

Went to a meeting last night and got to vent about people leaving me hanging on stuff. It was good. My nephew went and pointed out that he understands what I mean now about meetings going in circles when there's not a clear agenda.

This organizing thing is really tough. Especially to do it as a volunteer thing. People WANT the world to change. Its just that their lives or their perception of their lives make it difficult to follow-through. There's a lot of pressure to live a "normal" life. I get that, its just frustrating to be the one people try to start stuff with, and then still be there when they bail out.

Also, double-booked for playing music on the 2nd of October. Hoping people will be cool about helpful with that process. One band is breaking up at the end of October so I want to play with them. But the other band has the bad luck of getting gigs everytime I'm out of town.

Maybe ONE band would be the best answer. Quien sabe...

Bueno Pues, as always, Keep Lifting!!!

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