Thursday, September 08, 2005


Did a Tae Bo workout this morning about 35 minutes. I'm not getting a sweat out of these. I think its time to go running! Maybe I'm just being impatient. I did come in at 172.8 today, small improvement but still improvement.

A little sore from my workout yesterday. That's good. I can still move my arms, but I can definitely feel it.

So far there's Sparky doing weights and cardio, Marcie doing Curves, Smacking will be checking in via email also, and Rosemarie checking in and considering before and after pictures. I think those are another valid way to measure progress. The best way is always - "do I feel better?"

* * *
Kids told me about a bad habit they developed around 7th grade. I'm bumbed out about it on one level, but at least I didn't find out from someone else. Lots of mixed feelings. Makes me wish I would have stayed home from working sooner, and for a minute made me think it wasn't worth doing it now. But after some more thought, it may be more worth it.

Amor y Rebeldia!

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