Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Got home at around midnight from a photoshoot. So 5-6 hours of sleep made it tough to get into the garage, but I did it. If I was this disciplined at work I'd be a pretty chingon employee. =)

Did an abbreviated workout. Chest and Arms only today. Felt that was better than avoiding working out all together. Will try to go to be early tonight.

Sparky has taken the challenge. For the workouts the measurement is "Are You Working Out Consistently?" Plain and simple, hopefully the blog will be a support for that goal.

If you're tracking weight, measurements, clothes size or bodyfat you can check in on those every week or so. Today on our scale I was 173.6 lbs.

I had my bodyfat measured at the University of New Mexico's Exercise Physiology Laboratory. If you are not in Albuquerque, I would try calling the colleges, universities and gyms nearby. I asked my doctor, but its not something they do.

Right now with all that goes through my mind on a regular basis, I'm going with the "any exercise is better than no exercise" approach. It's what's gonna work for me right now. Maybe later I'll be on a more regulated program. But who knows. I have a friend who talks about some people in our society have PTSD - "Perpetual Traumatic Stress Disorder." Luckily she can make that sound funny! She's going to curves and is gonna check in with me via regular email.


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