Tuesday, September 06, 2005

9/6/05 Katrina thoughts

Reading the blog of ReneeGetsFit and I have to say that I can kind of relate to her despair and sadness around what's happening with New Orleans and the region.

Crappily ironically is a rap at the FEMA website - FEMA Rap

I know people were upset with Kanye West's comments, but I think he was expressing himself honestly and should be supported. Maybe it is true that Bush doesn't care. The LA Times disapproves of how Kanye was censored by NBC.

Meanwhile Barbara Bush says that these people are poor so the disaster relief is working well for them - since they were underprivileged anyway. I didn't know that GW said that "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the

Unfortunately the death toll will be coming to light in the next couple of days as the water is drained from New Orleans.

A Freakin subsidiary Haliburton is benefiting from this tragedy!

And a cartoon.

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