Friday, September 30, 2005

9/30/05 Que Aguite!

OK, figured out the bank problem, we were overdrawn!!! Between not calculating the increase in gas and the fact that my wife and I were BOTH paying bills we went over. Communication should improve after this weekend. More on that below. Luckily we have overdraft protection. As far as I know this is the first time we've used it.

Walked for about 30 minutes with my wife and daughter last night. That was nice. My wife tries to give me advice when I'm venting which isn't helpful, but its clear its because she cares and knows I care. My daughter is pushing her limits a little with how she talks to me. I'll have a conversation about that with her this weekend sometime.

I did squats this morning and that's it. Just didn't have the energy. And I know we are playing like 4-5 hours today! So my day started at 5am and I'll get home tonight around 11pm.

* * *
So today is one of those days as a musician you kinda dream of. I'm sure that I'll make more playing music today than I would working. Enough of those days and you start to hope that you can give up the day job! But its only one day. And given rehearsals with two bands and the day job, I'm also kinda glad its not every weekend. Weird huh?

I'm realizing that I've improved tons on the bass. I don't know if I've improved more on the bass than on the accordion, but maybe. Still think that what I do on the bass is simpler thus easier to do well, but its great to feel confident on that instrument. I hope it doesn't rain too much today, moisture is bad for the accordion.

Got rehearsal with the kids tomorrow, so who knows if I'll get to run. I'll at least do some walking. Also have a gig tomorrow night. Sounds like a fun one and a good paying one. Then I'm playing with the other band at a rodeo on Sunday. Feel like I'm leaving one group hanging for the other. Then the drummer from one group emails, "go with the other guys, they'll be your bread and butter now that we're disbanding." I finally felt OK with that, but then got the frown when I brought it up in person. Oh well.

I'm going out of town next weekend, maybe I'll feel a little more rested after that. Had a really nice post by Becky (MyLast20Pounds blogger) about taking care of myself. Don't know if I'll get such nice responses from other activists that are seeing my taking care of myself as "bailing out." Ay Carai!

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