Thursday, September 29, 2005

9/29/05 Bench Day

Got a good light weight bench workout. 115lbs for 5 sets of 5. Then some other supportive exercises.

Off schedule a little. Will do legs tomorrow! But also lighter weight. Then next week I'll change it up a little bit. Looks like I gained a pound or two!

* * *
Band stuff is hectic. Playing tons this weekend. Its good for money, but bad for resting and recuperating. But, that's my chosen side-profession. Would do it full-time if I could make enough money.

My homie M did put in a word with a guy who put in a word with another guy. So the other day I got contact with two other groups for stand in work. I'll have to sharpen up on a wider variety of songs, but one of them pays $50 and hour. Definitely more than what I make now.

Still reading the Take Back Your Time book. Will probably start posting quotes - unless they depress me!

Kids came home with pretty good grades. They also finally took the salsa stuff I wrote out for them. I'll ask them to play that for me in a couple of weeks. We want to do Santana's "Corazon Espinado" - actually my son is gonna sing that for his voice class and I figured we could take advantage and start on some basic salsa stuff for variety.

Bueno pues, that's all for now, except that the Mayor's campaign sucks. Hopefully the Living Wage measure will pass. That would be nice.

Keep Lifting!

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