Wednesday, September 28, 2005

9/28/05 Cardio & Gas Prices

Did some cardio this morning. What I'm doing now is the cardio video, and when it gets too slow, or funny (some of those steps they put women through!) I run in place, or do jumping jacks to get more mileage out of it. I'm just gonna have to break down and go sprinting more often! Saturday's should be fairly easy, but during the week will take me more effort. Anyway, got some good sweat going that way.

Came in at 169.6 today. Not bad, keeping a general trend. Let's see if I can get to 168 by the end of the month.

* * *
Wrote out some Salsa stuff for the piano for the kids. They are in a basic keyboarding class. But of course they left it on the couch. I'll have to get on them.

OK, gut feeling to check the balance at the bank this morning. $0!!! We have overdraft protection and such, but wow. I had been thinking that I probably didn't take into account the $30 half tanks of gas for the mini-van, and I don't know what my wife is spending on the car.

So I go to open the email and see this article, Gas Prices Blamed for Late Credit Payments. Now I've always thought that when credit started falling apart the rest of the economy would go with it. I never thought that gas prices would be the linch pin. But it makes sense. Our economy is based on ever expanding consumerism - thus the credit cards. But that consumerism is made available by constant trading-up and cheap fuel. You can't live in the suburbs, or commute very far without cheap gas. Now that's dissapearing, and prices of things that are transported by gas should go up. And the fact that it appears to have happened suddenly will probably make the outcomes a little more chaotic.

Who knows.

Keep Lifting!!!

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