Monday, September 26, 2005

9/26/05 Ugh!

Woke up tired and with a sore knee. I just skipped this morning. I'll play this week by ear.

Came in at 171.2, or 169.4 without shoes! I guess my shoes are heavier than I thought.

* * *
Busy but fun weekend. Mauricio - I hope you had a great birthday! Today is my supervisor's bday also.

Had rehearsal with the kids on Friday, and then we performed on Saturday. Went to my brother's birthday part on Friday - didn't get home till after 3am. Maybe that's why I'm burned out.

The Saturday gig wasn't very highly attended, but it came off nice. There was awesome music with Mezcla Experience, 3/4 Brown and The Rudy Boy Experiment! Much fun. Hopefully there will be more shows in the future.

Found out from the kids something I was fairly certain of, but good to hear from them. When they hear awesome musicians they get inspired to practice more. It works that way for me too!

Played Sunday morning also. A long drive for a short gig. But hopefully I'll appreciate the pay. Got to play bass, that was kinda fun. Its an easier instrument in that you can get away with doing less, so in a sense I'm more proficient on that than on the accordion and guitar. But I'm still working toward being a very good accordionist.

I'm hoping that my continuing to be in the band with the kids will keep them on track and also give them something to do besides being "bored" and getting into trouble. My house definately needs a full-time manager at this time but I'm gonna bite the bullet for another year and try to pay off bills. Expenses wise I'm giving up alcohol (not for the money but it should save me a few bucks), I'll give up purchasing CDs and music books. That will be a small chunk, but in actuality that's the largest expense besides food that I have myself.

Bueno, tomorrow hopefully more on exercise!


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