Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Bench Press day! Nice workout. Came in at 170.2 today. Not bad.

No cardio yesterday and had to eat out twice on the run between meetings an emergency errand, then getting stuck because of a "SWAT Situation."

Here's what I did last week, just for those who want samples. So it goes like this, name of exercise; weight; reps for each set.
Monday - Deadlift Day
Deadlift 110x10; 150x8; 170x5/5/5
Good Mornings 35x10/10/10
Pulldowns 60x12 65x9/7
Shrugs 35x10/10/10
Tricep Extension 20x8/6/6

Wedensday - Bench Press Day
Bench 115x12; 135x10; 155x5/5/5
Dumbbell Press 20x6/6/6/12
Rear Lateral Raise 12.5x10/10/9
Barbell Curls 60x5/4; 50x6
Cable Rows 70x10/10/10/

Friday - Squat Day
Squat 115x12; 155x10; 165x5/5/5
Leg Extension 52.5x12/12/12
Leg Curls 52.5x12/12/12
Calf Raises 60x15/15/15/27
Wrist Curls 5x25/25/30
Reverse Wrist Curls 5x25/25/30
The high numbers on the wrist curls is to get blood pumping to that part of my arms for rehabilitation purposes.

* * *
Everything else is OK. Some anxiety about getting to be a better musician and parent. Had what felt like a panic attack on Monday. Left me with a headache until Tuesday morning.

Good gig at the Fair, most who told me they'd be there didn't show, but still had a good audience.


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