Monday, September 19, 2005

9/19/05 More Deadlifting!!!

My lower back is feeling the deadlifts of this morning! 175 freakin pounds.

The rest of my workout went well. My forearm was hurting after the close grip bench press, and trying the tricep pulldowns and curls felt wrong. So I skipped it for today. May try it tonight or just leave it until next week.

The rest of the workout went well. I'm thinking that instead of going to 180 next week. I'll do 3 sets of 6, then try 7 or 8 the following week before going to 180 lbs. Trying to solidify my increases before going too heavy. May do the same with benching and squatting. Depends on how my body feels.

Didn't do any extra cardio over the weekend. Did weigh in at 171.8 today though. Not bad.

* * *
Got to see Red Earth and Old Man Shattered at the NM State Fair. Good performances!

My daughter danced at the Villa Hispana on Saturday, turned out OK, a bunch of the other girls no showed.

We had a good rehearsal with Mezcla Experience. Learned Low Rider in about 10 minutes and will use it as an opening tune and worked out a way to make it an outtro at the end of our set. We're doing it with the accordion instead of the keyboard. NICE. Maybe that will be our "signature" sound - funk and bluesy stuff as well as Chicano music on the accordion.

After the gig on Saturday. Mezcla Experience will be working on vocals, and tightening up songs, and some new tunes as much as possible. We may play again at Cristy Records sometime before the New Year.

Play tonight at the Fair with the Wild Bunch. Had to work on my accordion last night. My repair guy is in Mexico and I'm having a hard time getting a new reed. Should be easy. I'll get this figured out.

Anyway, things are good overall.


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