Thursday, September 15, 2005


Did a 2 mile walking video this morning. Didn't want to, but did. I'm working Saturday morning, so I figured I better make sure I get in some workout time. My biceps and chest are a little sore. Came in at 173.4 today, on the scale that weights me higher than the other one!

Marcie has been checking in regularly by email. I haven't heard from the other challenge participants. But life gets hectic. Hopefully they are doing their workouts to their satisfaction.

* * *
Kids seem to be OK. Son told me about a fight he got into defending the new neighborhood park. The other kid was tearing stuff up, and my kid called him on it. The other kid was getting beat down so he pulled a knife. Glad my son didn't get stabbed and happy that he was protecting stuff in the neighborhood.

One of the bands is going through an interesting process. What was good was that we picked the sets as a group last night. It was much more interesting musically and made things feel more fun. Too bad we haven't been doing this all along.

Gonna get a break with this band for awhile. It's OK. I'm gonna focus on the kids and becoming a better musician.


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