Wednesday, September 14, 2005

9/14/05 Bench Day

Wooo Hooo!!! Benched 155 for 3 sets of 5 after two warm-up sets with 115 and 135. The rest of my workout went pretty well also. Worked up a good sweat and am making progress. Part of the progress is that I didn't start with trying to lift the max possible on my lifts to start with. I figure I'll add 2.5-10lbs a week on my lifts depending on how they felt the week before and what type of lift it is.

The best thing has been my mental preperation. I get myself psyched or pissed off, whichever is easier for the day. Then I use that to help me push the weight. I think I messed up my bench. I can't get it to incline/decline. I looked at the warranty and I'm responsible for the shipping to and from for repairs. I figure it will be just as cheap to get a used bench than to ship this big ass thing to Colorado. That and it wasn't a defect on their part. I was tired and I tightened when I shoulda loosened the lock device now it's stuck! Maybe I'll be able to loosen it someday.

Back to 174.0 today. Interesting. Cardio tomorrow!

How's YOUR workout going?

* * *
Got to practice and I apologized for my mistakes at our gig on Sunday. We all talked about making mistakes. The bass player was late - he called asking whether or not we were gonna rehearse! But when he came in he went off about everyone's mistakes, to the point of pointing out specifics. This was OK, he was right for the most part. He talked about needing to practice at home and to focus, etc...

But like usual it would help if he didn't do things like give me the wrong chords and then say, "you should know that's not right." He also said I cut off the singer on a song, but then before we worked on the song, I said, "I come in when she sings 'sufrir' right?" And of course he says "right." Which is when I came in at the last gig. Anyways. When we were leaving I said, "Let's all go home and pretend we don't have jobs and practice all day long."

It's hard when you accept that someone is telling you something that is correct. And it probably hit the nerve where I already feel bad for not being able to practice everyday. I've been joking that I rehearse so much I don't have time for practicing. But at the same time, its hard to deal with it when you know this guy is being supported by his wife who is working 2 jobs and he's talking about all of the famous people he's played for. Lots to continue to work on. But for better or worse, we were REALLY tight last night. Hope we pull that off for the gig!

On another note, I decided that I need to transcribe. One to help me with reading notes, but also to sharpen up what I play. M gives me a subtle hint about nailing chords. I've always been able to get away with playing within the key. But I'd like to kick it up a notch. A.L. was right last night when he said, "once you get paid you're a professional." I'd like to really get it and pass that on to my kids.




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