Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Cardio Day. Did about 20 minutes. After warming up with a Minna Lessig video I realized that I wasn't gonna work up a sweat with that workout. So I started alternating between jogging in place and running in place. 2 minutes jogging and 1 minute running. Seemed to get me working out harder. I think I'm gonna have to clear more space in the garage and get a bike, and also just go run at the school more often.

It's nice that I'm not as worried about hurting my knee. It feels much stronger now. My back is still feeling the deadlift workout.

At least I'm back to 173.8 today. Kinda weird little spike.

* * *
Still trying to figure out how to support my kids better. Noticed that we have a closeness that some families don't on some level, but on another level everyone is off on their own. Don't know if that's "normal" but I'm extra observant these days.

My daughter and I both practiced acordeon last night, maybe seeing that young vato, Josh Baca, at the fair was a good boost for both of us. My son acts tired all the time, which worries me. His motivation seems low. But mine has been low for at least a year if not two (since my Jefita died).

Hard to tell. I did work on writing some stuff out on the computer. My kids (nephew included) are in a keyboard class at school so I gave my daughter some music that's written out. Maybe that will help some.

Who knows.....

Keep Lifting!!!!

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