Monday, September 12, 2005

9/12/05 Deadlift Day

Man, deadlifts are killer. I'm not talking about the moderate weight stiff leg deadlifts they tell you to do in bodybuilding magazines. I'm talking about HEAVY weight full on deadlifts. I'm probably still lifting "light" - just under my bodyweight, but since I'm just starting out its heavy. Like I said in a previous post every weak muscle in my body feels it. My lower back, my upper left shoulder (where I had a cyst removed a few years ago), and my hands. Holding 170 pounds gets tough after awhile.

Couldn't get my curls together. Ended up doing one set of 3 with a weight I normally do 3 sets of 8 with. I think I just need to remember to drink water. My workout is about an hour now. But that includes rest time and time to set up for different lifts. Developed a good sweat.

I did run on Saturday after all. Walked the straights and jogged the curves for two laps, then did the same except for ran at about 80% for the next two laps. After my leg workout on Friday I was feeling them muscles.

Weighed in at 176.8 today! Don't know what the hell that is. Hoping its muscle but that would be some SERIOUS muscle development. I think its just spending the weekend at the fair, watching performances, performing, and eating fair food!

* * *
Kids seem to be doing OK. We watched a group called Los TexManiacs who followed Jimmy Baca. There was a jam with them and Jimmy's 14 year old son Josh. Man, talk about chingon! My daughter who is 14 and plays accordion said she almost cried. We'll both be working on getting our stuff together.

Watched a group called DV8 at the fair as well they were cool. Nice funk groove music. But before them was a group called Drum Up - it was like meditation. Awesome mix of african drumming and hip-hop.


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