Friday, August 19, 2005

Violent Day In Albuquerque

Story Here

We were coming home when this all happened. So we got to see roads closed off from I-25 to university Blvd on Central Ave. It was the biggest show of force I've ever seen the police do, next to the peace demonstrations prior to the official US invasion of Iraq. We saw what looked like a sniper, SWAT team members, city police, county sheriffs and eventually the helicopter. And go figure the guy they were looking for ended up being caught by my house!

I know it is tragic that these officers were killed, and all of my sympathy goes to their families and friends. But wow, I wonder what would happen if there was that much energy and resources brought to bear on every murder... would we be better or worse off? I mean a super large area of town was shut down, and that may have been before the officers passed away.

Its an interesting thing. Because three other people were found dead on the same day, two in a motorcycle shop and one out at the edge of town. I know its different because the police know when one of their own has been shot pretty close to instantly. But police were responding to a robbery when they found the two murdered people in the shop - they obviously didn't shut down that part of town to try and flush out whoever was responsible for that. Could it really be that power will defend itself that much more than the rest of us, even though that is its stated purpose?

OK Rambling too much. Again, my deepest sympathy to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones yesterday...

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