Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nice Sunday Workout and realization

So I repeated Friday's workout today. That means I can workout on Tuesday and Thursday if I want, OR just Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday. I could also just not workout this week. Maybe my body needs that.

* * *
Also realized that my stress about work has more to do with something I really want but have avoided in order to be the breadwinner. That's a stay at home dad. I've always wanted to do that, but my wife makes less than I do. I'm gonna figure out if its possible to go to one income before my son gets to 12th grade. That means pretty much I have about a year or so to figure it out. Wish me luck!!!

I've noticed that lots of people are having tons of feelings about the concept. That's interesting, but I'm gonna try to not let that stop me. I'll probably still work odd jobs, contracts, etc. But more at my own pace and choosing. I'll probably also go back to work after the kids leave the house, or are both graduated at least.

I know its tough on one income, but I may be up for the challenge!


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