Thursday, August 04, 2005

Holy Hamstrings Batman!

Did the Squat and Leg Curl superset for the first time today! Ouch! *&%%^#)!*$%#*&@(&#$!!!!

I'll be surprised if I'm not sore tomorrow. I weighed in at 170.8 today! How cool is that! OK, I'm excited. And not just 'cause a VERY sexy woman called me sexy. It's that I'm starting to let myself see the changes other people have commented on.

We have some Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines and there was an article on "the fat mind." It talked about how you can still see yourself as fat even when you are not. Maybe that's where I'm at.

My garage is one of those with boxes stacked to the ceiling. My wife was surprised that I made enough room for the home gym. Well since today I used the olympic bar for the first time since I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel it had to be interesting. I moved the bar and was loading it up. It was like the movies when I was putting the weight on the bar (making some noice), I heard something moving. I stopped, it stopped. OK, figured it was the cat. Next thing I knew one of the piles of boxes fell on the floor! It was being held up by the bar.

I was going to buy an aerobic step because my bench is high enough that I can't do seated calf raises correctly. Actually maybe its cause I'm short, nope gotta be the bench's fault not mine. So I did the one calf at a time as my superset.

* * *
Did a presentation at a media literacy training yesterday. They asked us to recommend a reading. I recommended Against School. Of course there was a whole row of teachers there. They were pissed! It was great.

Someone challenged us on "this isn't about media at all." I got to reply that since school gives people a message on a consistent basis for 12 years of their life it is a form of media we don't challenge. I said it gives all kids messages all the time. And as a colonial institution it gives Native, Chicano, and other kids different messages that "white" kids don't always get.

The youth we took to the presentation loved watching the adults act childish about their point of view being challenged.

Keep Lifting!!!

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