Friday, August 05, 2005

A Good Friday

Sore as hell from yesterday. Quads, hams and glutes! All sore! Squats definitely are going to change my routine some. Oh, and I REALLY appreciate the feedback and comments on the blog. I have one person who calls me about it and talks with me about it about once a week, another who tells me stuff whenever we see each other, and three to four regular comment people. THANK YOU!

Didn't workout today. Called in sick and planted two trees -a baby chokecherry and a small plum tree.

Figure that counts for my aerobics of the day. Watched a movie last night before rehearsal. The movie, called the Devil's Playground is about the Amish youth during their passage of deciding to stay Amish or not.

Got into an argument with my wife about it. Somehow she had gotten the idea that I am more interested in the Amish than following traditional indigenous culture. I've joked about becoming "Chamish" but I think she took it too literal. Obviously, anyone who knows me knows I'm no where near Christian enough to become Amish!!!

But there is something about what they have accomplished around family, community, and cultural maintenance. Some of it is because they are "white," they haven't been persecuted in the US the same way indigenous and other non-whites have been. But there IS something to be learned there. Just totally haven't figured out what.

Anyway, some people are happy that I've chosen to focus on being a musician for the next period of my life. Others are concerned. Funny, huh?

I'm still trying to figure out self-determination on a practical level, becoming a better musician, singer, and example to my kiddos.

Singing is definitely where I'd like to get more going. I get hurt sometimes that it doesn't even come up around certain people, but oh well.

Keep Lifting!
Will try to check in tomorrow after my lift...

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