Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Freakin Power Outtage

Power went out and the alarm was set "backwards" (am was pm). I woke up and it was time to go to work!!!

So I'll have to make up today tomorrow. Its OK because rehearsal went late last night. The Wild Bunch seems to be going well. Have two gigs coming up at the State Fair.

I think I'll take the first week of September off of weightlifting. Depends, could all be just the summer schedule. Now that school is about to start again it's possible that everyone is loud and awake late because they know all that will end soon.

Well at 171.6 today. I think I'll get to 165 by the end of the month. Just want to get some of this gut off.

OK, so secret... I started all of this because I didn't want to die young or anything like that. But now, I sometimes think it would be cool for some of the women I know, and even ones I don't know, to look at me and say "I'd put a dollar in his underwear to dance around." I don't really have the desire to run around with a lot of women, but I'd like to know that I inspire some thoughts in that direction at least. May be my insecurities or whatever, but what the hell...

* * *
Decided that I need to be a better example to my kids. (No, I dont' think the above paragraph contradicts this one!) I know some people say I'm too hard on myself, but that's OK. It's gotten me to where I'm at. I might go to 4 days a week at work sooner than I had originally thought. Just don't like how programs with money and staff are able to pull in people without regards to other projects.

I'd like to get more housework done. That's one place I'd like to be a better example. The other is to have more energy to practice, learn and write music. I like picking out the horn parts to funk songs right now. I'm also learning slap bass and funk guitar - and trying to figure out funk parts for the keyboard. I figure the kids like rap/hip-hop and Funk is what is musically closest.

Definately think I need to get better at singing. Told the Wild Bunch to keep an ear open for songs they think I should try and sing.

The kids' group (Mezcla Experience) does well except we all sing the melody. When they were 11 and 12 getting them to all sing was important because I didn't want anyone of them to miss out because of shyness or coolness issues. Now it's time to work out the kinks and tighten up the vocals. They've come a long way musically.

I noticed that Parliament/Funkadelic sings a lot of voices on the melody and not too heavy on the harmonies. But that is their own style, works on certain things.

Keep Lifting!!!

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