Monday, August 08, 2005


Worked out on Saturday! Did chest/back and arms. Got that kind of sore that you only notice if you push on the muscle. I keep thinking I'm not making progress, but other people keep telling me different, so I'll go with that.

Weighed in at 171.8. Since I'm temporarily without camera I'm using the scale more than I'd like to. That and I'm on the 5 pound challenge with Reneegetsfit (see sidebar for link). My waist was at 39". I'm wearing a t-shirt I haven't worn for a long time, and I tucked it into my new pants that were just hemmed up because they fit closer to correct! Wooo Hooo!!!

Did legs today and broke my PR Zone. Slept a lot last night, and gonna try and get extra sleep this week. Also still trying to get into the cardio, but not getting very motivated...

* * *

Played a lot this weekend. That was cool. When we started the kids band, I tried to get them a kid bass player, but 3 or 4 of them have fallen through so far. So I'm skipping that for now, because I'm enjoying playing with them and also enjoying the bass right now. Family bands have always been a part of Chicano culture, and now our current culture likes to segregate people by age and stuff, so its been cool.

I'm also liking the effort to get lead singers for the songs. Originally they all sang, so that the boys just didn't bail on trying to sing. My daughter's always liked singing.

What's nice is that the kids are really bringing songs to learn and its less me. The group will start to develop its own personality that way.

I want to find more time to practice so that I can really hit what I'm shooting for. I feel like I'm leaving all three groups a little short. There isn't a band that I really want to bail on at this point.

It'll work out how it needs to.

Keep Lifting!!!

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