Wednesday, August 24, 2005

8/24/05 Goal Setting

More aerobics today. The family was still up at 10:30 when I got home from rehearsal. It was hard for me to go to sleep right away. So I postponed lifting again. This may be my week off. I'm thinking it may be smart to lift 12 weeks and take one week off. Over the year this will give me 4 weeks off of lifting. Of course I'll adjust it for vacations or illnesses and stuff like that.

I did bench yesterday. Had the boys go out with me and spot me. I got up to 165 for two reps. Stopped there. I'll bench 140 for now, and go up 5 pounds per week. And including weeks that I may not go up I'm trying to see if I can get to 200 pounds by new years. I'm guessing that I will hit a peak around 175, but if I can get past that I will.

I'm going to squat and deadlift around 160-170 starting next week, and I'd like to clear 225 for new years.

See my grandmother in a week and a half. This is an unexpected expense and stress, but worth it.

Become a stay at home dad. So in the short term that means paying off the small credit cards, the van, and if possible the Chase Visa card (highest interest) by next May!!!

* * *
The guy that plays bass with two of the groups I play with showed himself a little more. It was good in a way. I was talking about figuring out an arrangement that Steve Jordan did for a song called "Coronelas" and he said, he'd rather do it "as written" than to do someone else's arrangement. Actually that he'd rather do an arrangement himself than to use someone else's is probably most correct. That would be good if he would bring arrangements, since he's the only full-time musician in any of the groups I belong to.

The other thing he did was give me some crap about a song he changed my part on last week. I had told him, it was what I was told to play, and he gave me a line about you should have heard it wasn't right. That it was out of key. His part was better but what was there before wasn't out of key. It's interesting to work with this guy. I'm learning lots, but also guessing that some of this process is hard on him. He was a pro musician all of his life and now he's in groups that don't work that regularly and with guys who don't know all of the songs he knows.

Kids did great this weekend, still working on vocals.


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