Tuesday, August 02, 2005

8/2/05 Bitchin' Time

Had some cardio activity this morning.

Then realized the cat had scratched a hole in the carpet and got more cardio activity chasing her around in an attempt to decide her fate. Now I'm just grouchy.

I'm realizing that if I want my house a certain way, its gonna be up to me. I may get some help, but pretty much its up to me. Also thinking that playing music is more fun and fulfilling than organizing.

I figure if I can figure out being more self-reliant, as much as possible in an urban setting, then maybe I'll figure out some other things. After new year my retirement will be "vested." Then I'll have some flexibility about less hours at work and such.

So consumerism and the nagging feeling of overwhelmedness are my enemies for today. Worse part is I see how they are related to my "problems."

I think my workout plan change is gonna go well. I'm weighing in at 171.6 today. 0.2 is not bad. But small changes like that are not indicative of much. If I'm at 171.4 tomorrow that would be the beginning of a good trend.

Keep Lifting!!!

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