Thursday, August 18, 2005


Light Aerobics this morning. My inner thighs, glutes and calves are sore today from yesterday's leg workout. And in two weeks I'll be lifting heavy!

Still got a long way to go for my "six pack" but it seems very likely to happen. An old goal I had was to get to a six pack by my 40th birthday. I have 15 months and am sure that at this pace it will be a go.

* * *
Figured out that I am gonna go to a 4 day work week. I just don't know when. I want to try and "live" off my wife's income for a little while. What I proposed yesterday was to use my current income to pay things with interest rates. Then we can see how we do with just her check. The problem is that she's off for 3 months in the summer. Since she's not a stay at home kinda person it gets tricky in that she's out spending money usually. This summer she was good at being frugal.

It will take some work. I'm trying to grow beans in areas where our yard is barren or weedy. Beans fix the nitrogen in the soil so this should be good for future growing.

Oh, by the way, did YOU do YOUR workout today? (some of you want reminders)


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