Wednesday, August 17, 2005

8/17/05 Another Good Workout!

Leg Day! I actually did alright. Have to remember to drink water BEFORE I start working out.

Beat my calf PR Zone so I'm going up in weight next week. Next week I'll workout on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in order to deal with some travelling.

The week starting with the 29th I'll change to more of a powerlifting routine. Boredom and lack of development is draining me with this workout I'm doing now.

Monday's I'll do Bench Press. I'll start with 105 lbs and go up from there. It will go up fast the first couple of weeks while I figure out what the right weight is. Then I'll go up 5-10 lbs a week. Wednesdays will be Squats and Fridays will be Deadlifts. I'll do the same routine as with benching but probably start at 125lbs.

I'll be going for 1 warm-up set of up to 12 repetitions. Then three working sets of up to 6 reps, and a cool down set of up to 12 for a total of 5 sets.

Then I'll do an A-B Split. "A" will be Barbell Curls & Cable Pulldowns as a superset 4 times. And Calf Raises and Shoulder Press for another superset 4 times.

"B" will be Pulldowns and Flyes as a superset. Followed by Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls.

This, except for the wrist curls, will be with heavier weight than I'm used to. But since I don't try to go to muscle failure it should be fairly safe.

That should take care of me for about 8 weeks, then I'll do a moderate weight program for 4 weeks and figure out some new cycles for the new year.

* * *
Had a good rehearsal last night. Had a good discussion with the kids about the band. It seems to me (my perception) that my wife has been "naggy" lately so we were short with each other. I'm trying to watch that, but oh well.

At rehearsal I noticed that the guitar player was trying to get part. I played it, but he only listened to the bass player. I guess that's what happens as the youngest musician in the group. But during break the bass player was giving me all kinds of compliments on my abilities and growth as a "lead man." Interesting stuff.

Also had a good talk with a friend about becoming self-sufficient and figuring out how not to work for someone else. Oh yeah, and there was business class last night.

I guess I talk about more than my weightlifting but hey, that's why it's my blog.


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