Friday, August 12, 2005

8/12/05 Another Good Workout

I felt like I was slacking, but when I looked at the numbers I was kicking butt!

I'm off to meetings and errands. Gonna go try and jam tonight.

Not quite in a good mood, but had a good rehearsal with the kiddos last night. We're down to two people doing melody on songs now, and moving towards one lead singer. I gotta get a list together for my homie, and he's gonna tape the melody and harmonies for songs and then we can practice that way. We figured that my daughter and nephew have the best match together. My son would be great for Johnny Cash songs as his voice is deep. I fill in wherever I'm needed. Some rock and funk songs will use all four of us. That and we'll probably work on an acapella for "amazing grace" for whenever that's appropriate.

My body feels good, just gotta get my brain to catch up. Think I'm also going through organizing withdrawals on top of other stuff.


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