Monday, August 01, 2005


Skipped my Saturday workout, and I didn't die! LOL!

Changed my workout today. I'm doing 2 Personal Record Zones instead of 3. And I'm going to do them in an "A-B split" fashion. So this week Monday and Friday get A and Wednesday gets B, next week it will be reversed.

A is: PR1 Pulldowns and Dumbbell Bench Press, PR2 Dumbbell Curls and Cable Pressdowns.

B is: PR1 Squats and Leg Curls, PR2 Standing Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises.

See if I can get back on track with the cardio! I'm at 171.8 today. Been told by several people that I look buffed out. (think there's a lotta crack smokin going on myself, but I'll just try and take people's word for it!)

* * *

On another note, wondering if I'm too easy on my kids. They are starting to sound like spoiled brats. Maybe that's normal. Trying to remember what it was like for me.

The positive side is that we've had rehearsals for 3-4 nights a week the last couple of weeks. We had a good friend come by and give some pointers on vocals. The kids loved it, they want him to come back!!!

On Saturday I got a wild hair and went to seek George Clinton-Parliament-Funkadelic in DVD form at 10pm. Found it! Watched it and to my surprise the kids got into more than I thought. We had a discussion around the definition of the word Eccentric!

Last night at rehearsal we kinda grooved an improv kind of think around some of the things they had heard from the DVD on Saturday night, was hella fun!!! We have rehearsal again on Thursday, I have rehearsal on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Then I have a gig on Friday and two on Saturday. No wonder I don't get enough rest. Oh well, this is actually a good life.

Keep Lifting!!!

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